Thrive Performance Academy

Welcome to Thrive Performance Academy's site! We are so glad you found us! Let me start by saying that you need to look no further. Thrive Performance Academy is here for you. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, ready to serve the children in our community! The word THRIVE, means to grow, prosper, succeed, and to flourish! We would love it if you allowed your child and or children to come THRIVE with us! 



Thrive is a 501(c)3 organization that is geared towards the success of our children, in as many areas of their lives as possible. We are big on academics and the child obtaining the strongest academic foundation to build upon. We are interested in their social and cultural engagement and how they see themselves as members of our society. We also want them to be aware of their potential and gifts so that they will eventually become major leaders and  contributors to our community.

Come and grow with us!

Are you ready to learn more academically, culturally, and socially? You have found the right space! Come and Grow with us!



Our mission is to engage our community through education, health, and performing arts. We are engaging our youth and helping them to become leaders.


Thrive Performance Academy serves as a catalyst for students to realize their creative potential by providing an academic learning environment during homework and tutoring. Our goal is:

1. To provide quality after-school enrichment activities.

2. To provide students a structured and safe environment where they can be creative.

3. To provide a caring staff who will interact with the students in group and individual            situations.

4. To provide communication with parents regarding their children’s general well being.


Performing Arts


  • Thrive Performance Academy, Inc. promotes exposure to the arts, including fine and performance arts as part of a well rounded education. The arts at Thrive is steadily growing and becoming more and more creative. We offer music, visual arts and fine arts. Our goal is to have annual performances by producing plays and having an Inspirational Youth Choir.


  • In our after-school academic program, we rarely teach new content, although many times that will happen as students engage in structured activities. During after school, we reinforce what the student has been taught.
  • This is a time for instructional reinforcement and support, practice and implementation. For those parents who want their children to begin to learn a second language, we will offer Spanish beginning tin the Summer and it will be an ongoing class at Thrive.
  • We attempt to further increase the quality of learning with the kinds of experiences that the school day might not have time to provide.

Wellness & Leadership

  • Students in our society, face immense pressure to win and achieve in a world that seems extremely distracting. Yoga has amazing tools that offer proven methods of developing the inner peace and resilience that our children need in order to navigate mental, physical, and emotional stress. We will soon offer yoga for those parents who want this for their child.
  • We strive to contribute to our students’ development as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in our community locally, then globally. 


Thrive Performance Academy was birthed January 2015 by Tasha Winston-Paige who was a former educator in a public-school setting. She had some amazing experiences and some not so amazing experiences with that platform. She saw some students who were doing well and others who had been struggling since day 1. Here thought goals, and mission was to make sure that students in this and surrounding communities were able to start with an amazing academic foundation. Her goal is to ensure that the children can touch will receive an amazing quality education. The classrooms at Thrive will not be overcrowded and the educational plan will not be cookie-cutter. We offer a fun, safe, after school curriculum, indoor/outdoor learning experiences, cultural exposure, financial literacy, and more. We are the alternative that allows your children, our students to Thrive!



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